Becoming an integrated part of the PE and VC firms’ talent playbook! 

As 2023 sees the world gradually exit the pandemic, there are some COVID-19 trends that have and will continue to shape the way in which we work. Notably, the prioritization of employee wellbeing, importance of leveraging technology, embracement of remote working and the conscious effort to foster diversity and inclusion policies remain the biggest drivers in the talent landscape. Whilst these key trends propose an exciting opportunity for organisations globally to optimize their talent management practices, the uncertainty of financial markets and limited resources have put a barrier in place.

Over the past 2 years, Aggancio has noticed an clear need for clients to be able to access a more flexible approach to talent search. Our findings have identified that clients need a more flexible model when it comes to sourcing talent, both from a fee perspective and an engagement standpoint. Now more than ever, Aggancio has witnessed clients moving away from the traditional search model – mainly due to the unique needs of our clients which are driven by an evolving talent landscape and an unpredictable business climate. The uncertainty of the market means that a flexible model which is agile in its capabilities is indispensable.

As Aggancio’s DNA stems from serving the large SHREK search firms as an outsourced research partner, we see a clear pivot towards filling the same function for the leading PE and VC firms. Critically, PE and VC Talent Partners and teams alike are limited on their resources and are positioning themselves as more strategic advisors towards their portfolio companies as well as investment teams. This positioning leaves significantly little time for sourcing and engaging with talent in the market, meaning that Aggancio is the perfect bridge to fill this gap instead of a costly and less agile traditional search provider. Aggancio has a deep understanding of the PE and VC talent landscape, and offers a delivery and fee model that fits well with the volatile market in which our clients are operating. Our track record, exemplified by a high rate of repeat business and extended engagements with our existing PE/VC clients across their portfolios, attests to the effectiveness and scalability of our model. We firmly believe that we have only scratched the surface of the potential benefits we can offer.

In conclusion, Aggancio stands poised to deliver agile and effective solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients within the ever-changing talent landscape. We look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how our services can support your organization’s strategic objectives.

About Aggancio

Aggancio is a technology and quant-driven executive search firm challenging traditional incumbents. With a commitment to speed, transparency, and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, Aggancio offers search with a “modern twist”. Historically, Aggancio’s successful model and DNA are built upon servicing the leading executive search firms as an outsourced research partner. Today, Aggancio works directly with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, as well as with corporate clients, offering a more agile search model than most traditional firms. Our global footprint, with offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, and Stockholm, allows us to successfully search globally to engage talent locally.