Our DNA.

Aggancio was founded on the basis of being best at “finding talent”. Our goal was never to be the biggest recruitment firm, but basically to be the best at what we do. By combining the best of the traditional executive search methodology as well as modern data analytics and hard work (or 'grits' as we like to call it), Aggancio is offering an alternative to the traditional ways of searching for a new executive or talent, in a discrete and professional matter. At Aggancio we pride ourselves on always sticking to our core competencies, which means that we are all experts in finding top talent and matching it with your needs.


Our mapping services have been a core business since day one. We combine a disciplined research methodology, business acumen and a strategic understanding of our client’s challenges to create a comprehensive mapping of talent.

Full Search Process

With more than a decade of experience, we have a track record helping clients grow and recruit the best talent by being a trusted advisor throughout the full search process.

Board Solution

Expanding on our refined process we help our clients to identify luminaries to sit as Board Members and Senior Advisors; both tailored to listed companies as well as to PE firms and their portfolio companies.


Selection of candidates based upon AI and automated processes.


Talent as a Service – a sourcing and recruitment model tailored towards your hiring needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Digital Assessment

Digital assessment tool and framework that helps us to identify Game Changers and capabilities that can drive change and results