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With our unique and modern twist to executive search, we offer our clients a much more flexible way of engaging and utilizing traditional executive search services. This means, that with our ability to tailor both our delivery model as well as our engagement model and terms, we can partner with you much earlier in your company’s development phase as well as in another way than you traditionally think about using a search firm. We are happy to commit to the outcome of our delivery and share both the risk and the reward with you as a client, by being committed to the success of your company and its growth and development.



We are experienced entrepreneurs ourselves and know what it takes to develop a company from an initial idea. We can both incubate the company within our offices and with our internal capabilities, as well as help you team up with the right individuals, either as your first employees, on an interim basis, or in a partnership. Joining you as a co-founder or giving you the “start-up help” you need is all within our wheelhouse.



We know that having a great idea and a stellar founding team is not enough. Getting your company through the first stages of development and early success also includes connecting you to the right investors and sources of capital. Aggancio's business is built on being a part of the VC and PE ecosystem, which means that we have the right network to help you both when it comes to getting in touch with the right investors or advisors that can help you fund the company and get you off to a great start.



When your company is embarking on its first steps of becoming a successful startup, more resources and talent is needed on an ongoing basis. Helping you think about what type of talent and where you might need your talent, will be crucial for your future success. With our experience, we can help you beyond just the talent acquisition part, as we are used to seeing what it takes for a startup to become successful. This means that we will act as your talent advisor and partner and help you plan your talent needs and sourcing plan as the company continues to grow.



This is where most startups usually start to use external ‘headhunting” support. With our business model, we are both able to tailor our service and engagement model to support the overall business objectives, but also to help you beyond a typical “case by case” recruitment model. We would like to be an extended arm of your internal capabilities and can align our resources to match your needs and capacity.

Why Us

Our Ventures Arm is the perfect partner for you.


As a founder or inventor, you have come a long way when it comes to realizing the potential of your business idea, when you have started to build your business plan and decided where to take your venture. But a critical success factor is to early on be connected to individuals and expertise that can help you on your journey. No matter if you only have a business idea or a prototype, we can help you get your business of the ground by connecting you to the right people.


We have seen that helping companies alongside their excising network and startup help, can sometimes be a key ingredient in being successful. Given our flexible services and engagement model, we can tailor our partnership to both suits the need of the company as well as the infrastructure of the incubators.

Angel Investors

Working with early-stage investors and key individuals in the startup ecosystem allows us to both help companies be connected with the right investors as well as the right angel investors to find additional key executives to their already existing portfolio of startups.

Venture Capital Firms

In our experience, the critical factor for every VC firm is to spot future unicorns as early as possible. Given our key position in the ecosystem we can both help the VC firms being connected earlier than they usually are, to founders or ideas. Through our model, we can also help the VC firms earlier in their portfolios development phases than when they usually engage with an executive search firm.

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