Make things happen - the right way

Aggancio believes in making a difference, both in business as well as in life. For us, “walk the talk” is as important in our searches as it is in caring about our environment and social surroundings. Aggancio truly believes in thinking global but acting local – therefore our ambition is to set up a number of achievable actions for how we can fulfill and reach our goals, as well as carry out our corporate social responsibility. In Order to do whatever we can to fulfill the UN’s long-term global sustainability goals, Aggancio will focus on the 3 main sustainability areas stated below:


Accessing and developing diverse talent is fundamental to the success of our clients, our candidates and Aggancio. At the heart of our corporate DNA is a belief that finding the right talent is the ultimate goal, and that this goal attracts proven talent with diverse perspectives, experiences, and contributions. For our business this means:

  • We promote an equal and diverse team. Aggancio works internationally across different communities and industries and knows we need to attract and retain a diverse team to succeed. The more diverse we are, the more we reduce our blind spots and fully understand the issues we’re tackling. Multiple voices, perspectives, and personalities bouncing off one another can give rise to out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Widening the talent pool. We help clients consider what types of diverse talent would add to their business. We help clients avoid unconscious bias and challenge norms where necessary – all with the aim of presenting the best possible candidate.
  • Focusing on talent & skills. We work to ensure that significant weight is given to relevant skills and intrinsic personal qualities and not just proven career experience or being well-connected. Aggancio searches for talent in non-traditional companies with transferable skill sets that fit the search mandate. These diverse candidates may not look and feel like your current workforce, but possess skills that enable them to transition successfully into their new role.


We believe we all must do our part to leave a positive impact on the environment. Aggancio uses business practices to inspire and implement solutions to minimize the environmental crisis. Together, we believe that this effort will make us stronger as an organization and help in uniting our global reach to save the planet. Our environmental sustainability initiatives are the following:

  • Sustainable travel. At Aggancio, it’s in our DNA to use technology to make our business more efficient, transparent, and effective. We can reduce our travel footprint by using technology as the first option for telecommuting and virtual meetings.
  • Creating green office spaces. Aggancio aims to reduce the waste generated by our multiple office locations through recycling programs, reducing single-use plastics, eliminating unnecessary paper/printing, and minimizing our use of electricity. We conduct regular waste assessments making sure we’re doing everything possible to know what we use and how we can reduce or recycle it.
  • Using business practices to unite and inspire. As we expand our business globally, we actively seek out new client companies who value sustainability and have their own practices in place. We strengthen our existing relationships by being an example of a successful, environmentally sustainable business. We’ve created a downloadable, one-page snapshot of sustainability practices for companies that you can find here.

Reaching Out

Aggancio would like to pay back the local community for what it has given to us. For Aggancio this means that we want to use what we know the best and share our core competencies in the local community so that we can help people in need. Our initiatives are the following;

  • Helping people in need. Aggancio offers our knowledge and expertise to run CV workshops and career advice support for free to schools and institutions that need it, or that can benefit from it.
  • Giving back to society.  Aggancio has launched aFund, a program designed to help people in need around the world. By contributing a portion of each completed assignment, the aFund donates to a charity selected annually by Aggancio employees.