Hitting all the right notes: Aggancio finds new CEO to leading pre-seed music tech company

Founded by a collective of senior advisors and executives from Global multi-billion corporations and consultancies, Aggancio has teamed up with a B2B music streaming service, with a soul mission to share very special and relatively undiscovered sounds.

To continue the development of the company made by the Founders, Aggancio has over the past couple of months helped the company find a new CEO as well as a new CTO. As the company is already addressing a global market, the placement of a new CEO and CTO whom have both successfully grown and exited other technology companies within the media and entertainment space internationally, was highly important.

In addition to supporting the company with the initial placement of the two C-suites, Aggancio has also taken on the role of the company’s strategic Talent & People Advisor. In this capacity, Aggancio will over the coming 12 months be assisting in placing strategic senior advisors in order to help the company reach a solid seed round with professional investors. As of recently, Aggancio has placed a senior finance and operations advisor to the company, encompassing experience from leading music industry players with a solid network to help the company further navigate a crowded space.

About Aggancio

Aggancio is a technology and quant-driven executive search firm challenging traditional incumbents. With a commitment to speed, transparency, and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, Aggancio offers search with a “modern twist”. Historically, Aggancio’s successful model and DNA are built upon servicing the leading executive search firms as an outsourced research partner. Today, Aggancio works directly with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, as well as with corporate clients, offering a more agile model than most traditional firms. Our global footprint, with offices in London, New York, Singapore, and Stockholm, allows us to successfully search globally to engage talent locally.