Part Two

As part of our CSR, Aggancio’s ambition is to increase diversity across all recruitments and reach at least a 50/50 gender split by 2023. Over the past 18 months, Aggancio’s board placements have reached a 50% split when it comes to gender diversity, with the prediction for this to grow over 2022 as we see more specific requests on delivering candidate lists with specific diversity metrics.

In order to facilitate diversity even further, it is Aggancio’s job to be catalytic in our client’s widening of their talent pools both geographically and industry parallel to intensify the diversity during the recruitment process across all dimensions.

To showcase the impact of our board solution service, Aggancio has successfully helped our clients find strategic advisors and game-changing board members to facilitate desired growth.

One of Aggancio’s most recent accomplishments was a collaboration with a leading Nordic, online client, helping to place two female board members and a new chairman to support their near-future planned IPO. Whilst this project was focused on a gender objective, it remained central to the fact that identifying the right experience and knowledge was paramount. Aggancio’s flexibility to offer a thorough process resulted in finding the right talent within one month which supported a successful listing on the stock exchange later in the year.

Another successful case was for a specialized European healthcare company, about to be listed, where we searched globally and successfully placed a female board member with Nordic roots. Navigating the parameters of language requirements, a US presence, and specific domain expertise proved a challenging yet rewarding placement and the identification of this talent enabled our client to strategically position themselves in a desirable state ahead of their listing.

Whilst a majority of Aggancio’s clients have expressed this solution need, there has been an increased interest coming from our client base in less diversified industries. A good example of this is a publicly listed anti-counterfeit company who were seeking to add a female board member and faced a challenge of limited talent in the local market. Our targeted search helped them find the right person who became a key contributor to advising the company into a new strategy.

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About Aggancio

Aggancio is a technology and quant-driven executive search firm challenging traditional incumbents. With a commitment to speed, transparency, and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, Aggancio offers search with a “modern twist”. Historically, Aggancio’s successful model and DNA are built upon servicing the leading executive search firms as an outsourced research partner. Today, Aggancio works directly with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, as well as with corporate clients, offering a more agile model than most traditional firms. Our global footprint, with offices in London, New York, Singapore, and Stockholm, allows us to successfully search globally to engage talent locally.