Part One

Increased demand for diversity across the board remains critical to business success. Whilst the importance of gender and ethnicity across the board are widely recognised and discussed, it is important to consider the deep industry expertise of individuals and match this knowledge for future business strategy.

In recent events, there has been an increased interest from the investment communities such as VC and PE firms to look for experienced leaders with deep specific industry and domain expertise to complement the other board members and create a solid advisory team. However, this specific type of expertise is usually not accessible in the local market and thus it is essential to have a global, wider search strategy to tap into the right network.

Aggancio’s board solution offering is a perfect pairing for VC and PE firms when looking for such board members or industrial advisors. Our thorough mapping extends beyond the traditional board seats and networks and offers our clientele a targeted search for experts that can add a greater impact in areas that are typically non-accessible.

Our most recent case study teamed up with a global PE firm following a multi-billion deal in the largest student transport provider globally. Our client’s ambition was to inject top-tier talent from the logistics space that could advise and drive significant digital transformation. Through our process and extended network, we connected our client with top Executives from global logistic companies with such experience and as a result, this led to the placement of an industrial advisor who will be a key contributor pre-and post-deal to the future success of the investment.

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About Aggancio

Aggancio is a technology and quant-driven executive search firm challenging traditional incumbents. With a commitment to speed, transparency, and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, Aggancio offers search with a “modern twist”. Historically, Aggancio’s successful model and DNA are built upon servicing the leading executive search firms as an outsourced research partner. Today, Aggancio works directly with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, as well as with corporate clients, offering a more agile model than most traditional firms. Our global footprint, with offices in London, New York, Singapore, and Stockholm, allows us to successfully search globally to engage talent locally.