The business case for a diverse management team remains top of Aggancio’s clients’ agendas today. Research shows that a more diversified leadership team increases the likelihood of outperforming industry peers on profitability over time, and a diversified team avoids the penalties that are getting steeper for those lacking1. A recent initiative highlighting the overall macro trends on this topic is the introduction of Nasdaq’s Board Diversity Rule. This diversity quota requires Nasdaq listed companies to meet, or justify why they do not meet, an objective of at least two diverse directors per company2. The factor of diversity is a constant area of improvement for organisations worldwide and Aggancio continues to strive for a gender and ethnically balanced pipeline, proudly placing female candidates in more than 40% of total searches in the past year alone.

Aggancio’s most recent success story explores this exact objective through supporting a private equity-backed 100M+ EUR e-commerce company operating in the design space. Partnering with their investors, Aggancio was tasked with strengthening the portfolio senior management team with the addition of three strong individuals to aim for an exit within a 12-18 month time frame. As the portfolio company had been private equity-owned for some time, the challenge at hand was to increase company profits before sale. Collaborating with the CEO of the portfolio company, Aggancio successfully hired three C-level candidates within a 3-month period, which led to an acceleration of the deal and the company being sold six months later – almost one year ahead of schedule.

Aggancio works internationally across different communities and industries and supports that attracting and retaining a diverse team is the key to organisational success. Critically, diversifying both our team and our talent pool allows us to reduce our blind spots and fully understand the issues that we are tackling, whilst giving rise to out-of-the-box thinking.

1 How Diversity Matters

2 Nasdaq – Board Diversity Disclosure

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