There is no doubt that COVID19 was a catalyst for the adoption of remote working, and 2020 saw almost the entire workforce telecommuting to an extent. Whilst this was foreign to some organisations, for Aggancio, it was business as usual. Since its inception, Aggancio has employed a unique business model which easily allows for virtual, international collaboration – and proves just as successful locally as it does globally – and HERE IS WHY!

Through observation of competitive talent agencies and search firms, Aggancio’s founding partner Andre Haug envisioned a faster, smoother, and more cost-effective sourcing process that led to better results. It was noticed that 90% of the candidate assessment remained unaffected regardless of if it was conducted remotely or in person, which formed the idea of creating a modern twist to executive search. This has allowed us to fully operate in a remote setting, which minimized the impact of COVID-19 on our business day-to-day operations.

Adopting this way of working has allowed us to combine a global scope with local expertise to have a broader reach for every search. By working in a virtual environment, we ensure that borders are never our limit and we continue to engage with many of our long-term clients without having a physical presence. Aggancio’s business model has stripped away unnecessary components of the traditional search process, and given our clients access to a leaner and modernised process with the highest degree of flexibility. Working across multiple time zones, our clients benefit from having almost 24 hour access to our hybrid team of researchers, consultants, and Partners alike.

Aggancio’s successful remote operations have relied heavily on the integration of digital video and audio platforms within our screening process. The use of these platforms has enabled us to further speed up the screening process of recruitment, helping us to reach our benchmark target of sourcing and placing candidates in the most time-effective manner.

Our research and market intelligence gives both candidates and clients alike confidence in our research methods and practice, despite connecting virtually. Further evidence supports that by eliminating visual presence during the screening process, recipients are more focused on the content of the conversation.1 Aggancio has adopted a professional yet personal screening process that replicates real-life authentic engagement and still allows to form a valuable connection both short term and long term. This sensitive approach to video and audio screening gives candidates reassurance in sharing personal information and allows us to build rapport with anyone anywhere in the world.

Aggancio accounts that remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the hiring process in positive respect, by recognising our business model as the new norm and thus eliminating interviewer/interviewee bias. Implicit and unconscious bias can be a hindrance on the hiring process, and it is Aggancio’s core belief that all candidates should be treated equally. By relying on audio and video screening, we have implemented a concept that guarantees our decisions are not unconsciously influenced by individual candidate characteristics. As diversity and inclusion become the forefront of organisational strategies globally, we have made it part of our commitment to ensure that well-qualified candidates are represented equally in an objective fashion.

Leveraging our flexible business model, Aggancio has proudly retained a valuable candidate and client experience over the past 12 months despite a remote set-up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, it is critical that we recognise the importance of adapting our business processes for clients and candidates to align with the economic climate.


1.) Why a classic phone call is better than video calls or texting

About Aggancio

Aggancio is a technology and quant-driven executive search firm challenging traditional incumbents. With a commitment to speed, transparency, and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, Aggancio offers search with a “modern twist”. Historically, Aggancio’s successful model and DNA are built upon servicing the leading executive search firms as an outsourced research partner. Today, Aggancio works directly with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, as well as with corporate clients, offering a more agile model than most traditional firms. Our global footprint, with offices in London, New York, Singapore, and Stockholm, allows us to successfully search globally to engage talent locally.